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Since 2003, Elite Security has been dedicated to bringing the best security training experience for our students. Our mission is to provide positive learning environment and make sure that every student has a good understanding of security laws and regulations. What security officers are allowed and are not allowed to do. And that once they complete the training, they are well prepared for what is expected of them as a security officer.

Our licensed Instructor has been in the security industry since 1989. Has worked as a security officer for over 20 years. You will learn about security from someone who has an actual security officer experience. His knowledge of security is an excellent opportunity to learn exactly what to expect when working as a security officer. We try to take away all the surprises we can when it comes to doing security.

We offer flexible schedule. We have weekdays (Monday thru Friday) and weekdays/weekend (Wednesday thru Sunday) courses. We also make it easy for people who are interested in taking our courses. There is no need to pay ahead of time or register, we accept walk-ins. And we do not have a minimum student requirement.

We provide training for most of the security, private and major armored car companies as well as churches and non-profit organizations in North Florida. A very high percentage of our students are working as soon as they complete the courses. Our students enjoy our classes and learn so much that they recommend us to their family members, relatives and friends. We are thankful for their trust in us and in our training school. And we are proud to say that we have trained over 4,500 students and counting!

Courses and Fees


Cost $55
The fee includes the course, class certificate of completion, photo, fingerprint and notarized application.
The Division of Licensing fee for the security license is $87.

Cost: $40
The fee includes the course, class certificate of completion and photo (if applicable.)
Any extra paperwork for anyone with an expired license, no charge.

Cost: $30
With the document(s) accepted by the Division of Licensing, the course is not necessary to get a "D" license. Fee includes the photo, fingerprint and notarized application.
The Division of Licensing fee for the security license is $87.

We accept cash or money order only.

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